Is it Necessary to Teach Children about Nutrition

Yes!  Taking the time to teach your children about Nutrition now will have immediate and long-term effects on health and wellness. According to the CDC, instilling healthful habits in children when they’re young can decrease the risk of ,or prevent, obesity, type II diabetes, and other chronic diseases. From a parenting perspective, it can help them learn to make good decisions regarding the food they eat, instill healthful habits, and foster a continued interest in nutrition as they get older. The best time is now. The best place is in your kitchen. Children have the wonderful capacity to learn new concepts quickly and put it into practice. Take advantage of it. Will they make a mess? Yes. And if your like my parents you shy away from any kind of mess! But, most of us (at least this was true for me) learns from making mistakes. So, what is the point? Next time you’re in your kitchen cooking up something delicious share the moment with your children. I will be talking about age appropriate tasks next week so stay tuned.

CDC Childhood Obesity Statistics.

Family in the Kitchen                                                           Photo by marin courtesy of


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