Kids Kitchen: Building Communities One Table at a Time pt. 1

Researchers say that a family who eats together is said to be healthier. Why?

The Benefits

In cultural and religious circles meal times have always been one of building community through sharing food and stories; both new and old. In my family for example, I have heard some pretty funny stories. Like the time a moose fell in the pool (No joke, it was a moose).  Or the story of great grand pa’s nickname, Pepere Peppermint.

Studies have shown that eating together may create strong familiar bonds and improve well-being in body, mind, and spirit. Some of these benefits are:

1.) Increasing self-esteem.

2.) Better performance in school because of the support system that can be created around the table.

3.) Decreasing the risk of obesity, depression, and other eating disorders through modeling healthy eating habits.

4.) Building communication skills.

5.) Stronger family bonds.

6.) Providing nutritious meals to keep those new year resolutions to eat healthier.

For those who are visual learners  I created an info-graphic below to help grasp these benefits.

Family Dinner Trianglebenefits:

So…How do we do it?

I will talk about this on my podcast in part 2 Building Communities One Table at a Time. Stay tuned!


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