Review of Earth Friendly Eats blog


Today I will be writing about another nutrition blog and reviewing it. As part of my Computer Applications class it is necessary to blog not only of your topic, but also on other student’s topics.

Also, I believe it’s important to keep up with the latest nutrition news since research changes quickly.

I reviewed Earth Friendly Eats blog by Aleana, a nutrition student at Framingham State University with an interest in how we are effecting the environment with our food choices.  On her blog she highlights:

  • What eco-friendly eating is
  • Importance of eating local fruits/veggies
  • Our water footprint
  • Ways to decrease our impact on the environment

Aleana offers up to date information regarding our environmental impact, well researched topics, and resources from governmental websites.

Aleana also created a video and podcast about lessening our impact on the environment by becoming more aware of where our food is coming from. Lastly, she tackles the question does being eco-friendly mean becoming vegan? As it turns out no it does not. Good news for meat lovers!

Some details I did not like about Aleana’s blog are her environmental infographic, which is a bit hard to understand, and the lack of defining environmental terms or abbreviations for those who are new to the subject area.

Happy Eating!

p.s. The gardening tips is a great outdoor activity for kids.


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