What to do when Eating in Season proves difficult

Photo by Supertrooper courtesy of Free Digital Photos.

Photo by Supertrooper courtesy of Free Digital Photos.

Last month I talked about how to teach children about food by eating in season and the benefits of doing so. Now, I will talk about some of the difficulties that comes with eating in season and what to do to combat them. In this blog I will talk about two potential problems that could arise from eating in season.

1.) Availability of favorite fruits and veggies

I love raspberries, but this berry only comes out in the summer. This might’ve been unfortunate if not for the fact that you can freeze any fruit or vegetable at the peak of freshness so that you and your family can enjoy fresh produce out of season. Below is a few helpful tips on how to freeze fruits and vegetables.

Freezing Basics

The process for freezing vegetables are all very similar. First you have to cook and drain the vegetables before storing them in either freezer bags, or other plastic containers  that won’t lead to freezer burn. This link can help get you started. http://www.gardenguides.com/416-freezing-vegetables.html

For fruits rinse, peel, and cut into bite size pieces. Place the cut fruits in a container that won’t lead to freezer burn. Most fruits and vegetables last up to 6 months.

2.) Lack of resources to buy fresh produce

The second dilemma is that you may lack the resources to buy fresh produce. The good news is that there are always ways you can get fresh produce on the table.

a.) Plan your shopping ahead to choose one or two fruits you and your family will enjoy. Rotate the fruits/vegetable selection every week. Or try to add in a new in season fruit/vegetable monthly.

b.) Buying frozen fruits and vegetables is less expensive than fresh, but just as nutritious. They are also frozen at the peak of ripeness.

c.) Farmer’s markets have partnered with community nutrition programs like WIC to allow participants to use their benefits to buy fresh produce!

d.) Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an initiative to provide a way to support local farmers and buy produce in season.  Farmers will give members a box of vegetables, or any other produce they may have, each week of the growing season. Although, this method requires that you pay a fee for membership it is another way to help your family eat in season. http://www.localharvest.org/csa/

Happy Eating!