17 Ways to Decrease Food Waste this Holiday Season

This holiday season find ways to decrease food waste. Why you ask? Cause it’s healthy for your waist line as well as the environment. (For more information on food waste check out my past posts.)

It’s also the perfect time to begin new habits. So, while others are making New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and exercise more let’s start a new tradition of promising to waste less this coming year.

Get your kids and the whole family involved. To help get your family started here are 17 ways to waste less!

1.) Buy only what you need

2.) Cook what your family can actually eat (Know who’s coming). 

3.) Re-purpose leftovers (Think outside of the box!)

4.) Take a detailed shopping list when shopping (This includes quantity). 

5.) Practice portion control (Don’t overeat)

6.) Freeze what you can’t eat 

7.) Donate what you can to those who are hungry 

8.) Think Composting. 

9.) Know who’s bringing what and how much

10.) Keep food safety in mind when storing leftovers. 

11.) Smaller plates & utensils decreases overeating 

12.) Scope out the pantry so you know what you have

13.) Use what you already have first

14.) Find recipes that utilize ingredients that you use often. 

15.) If you can’t find a suitable recipe, change it to fit your taste. 

16.) Distribute leftovers to guests

17.) Use the fruits/vegetables that no one wants to buy. (a.k.a the bruised and oddly shaped ones)

Here’s to hoping you and yours have a wonderful and safe holiday season this year!